Life is about so many things, and hopefully TRAVEL is one of them in your life. But between family, jobs, community involvement and other day-to-day commitments, all too often just “getting away from it all” falls pretty far down our to-do list, or simply gets squeezed out on our calendars. And let’s not forget that anything beyond a “staycation” requires planning anticipated costs of a trip into our budgets.

This blog is here to offer gentle reminders that we should all be ENJOYING the life we have tried to create for ourselves, and not just plodding along day to day trying to get through the week. We need happy goals just as much as we need personal or career goals. And we need to TAKE TIME.

I believe we all look forward to a family vacation, special getaway, or celebrating milestones with memorable trips. As a travel agent for the last 13 years, I am blessed to be able to provide a service that truly makes people happy! It’s a privilege to know that I get to play a small part in helping my clients make precious memories.

But this blog also serves a another purpose, and that is to ENCOURAGE AND INSPIRE YOU to travel by highlighting different destinations and a multitude of travel-themed topics. Selfishly, it also provides me a platform outside of Facebook and Instagram to record and share my own travel photos and experiences in a bit more detail, which loops back into my ENCOURAGE AND INSPIRE purpose for any who are kind enough to follow along.  And I hope you will follow along and invite your friends. I am excited to share the volumes and volumes of content that have been stored in my head and on lists in my desk or phone for far too long.

The encouragement and inspiration I want to share through my personal travel photos and experiences begins in just a couple days when Ricky and I arrive in Tuscany, Italy for an educational trip for my job. I’ll be sharing our itinerary and other details that highlight why Tuscany is SUCH an incredible destination. Please follow along!  Here are just a couple of teaser photos of this beautiful region…with many more coming SOON!




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